What exactly is a "freelance" or "contract" paralegal? A FREELANCE PARALEGAL is one that is essentially self-employed. They are available to take on short-term or long-term projects ranging from assisting with litigation preparation to covering employee absences to working on projects on a as needed basis.

There are different kinds of contract or freelance paralegals. Some prefer to work  from home, while others will to arrange to visit law offices, as needed or on a regular basis, to pick up any overflow work. FREELANCE PARALEGALS offer services can be ideal for the solo practitioner who is just getting started. For example, if any attorney has a legal secretary but cannot afford a full time paralegal, by contacting a freelance paralegal, it is possible to have someone arrive on scene to help as needed while additionally freeing up otherwise billable time.

Employee absences can often result in challenges. Another way contract or freelance paralegals can assist is by providing temporary coverage when a support staff person goes on vacation or maternity. The quality of temporary help coming out of agencies can be disappointing to attorneys. By contacting a contract or freelance paralegal, one can be more in control of getting someone who has experience, someone who knows how to get the job done, and someone who most likely has the skills that an attorney (who is otherwise short-handed) needs. There is an opportunity to develop a relationship with a professional whose skill level is familiar and who can cover whenever the need arises.

The words of one freelance paralegal describes the profession perfectly. "Those of us who freelance have usually had years of experience within the legal profession and understand there is far more to being a legal secretary than answering phones and transcription and that paralegals are capable of much more than reviewing files and documents. We did not become freelancers on a wing and a prayer; we have to do what any service business must do -- present with credibility and experience. We also know the limits of our skills and what a job really entails."

Remember, freelance or contract paralegals can help you by offering flexibility and experience! Specifically, they are available to help with preparation of pleadings and correspondence, transcription, file organization, litigation preparation, legal research, and even provide coverage for that person who is on vacation or maternity leave